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Trish Stratus talks about the controversial angle from 2001, an angle she turned down, & more

Trish Stratus is back on for the second time this week on Wrestling Observer radio. She talks a lot about her WWE career. She talked about the controversial angle where she was scripted to bark like a dog in 2001, the rough life of a wrestler on a road, an angle she turned down where she was supposed to kiss Torrie Wilson, Thea Trinidad (former TNA Knockout Rosita), and more. She also noted that 2 weeks after she turned down the angle with Torrie that the company took the title from her.

She said that the believes that the "glamour" level of the Divas has gone up from the time she was in WWE. She told a story about the Divas doing their hair and makeup backstage before Trish and Lita went out for a match and she noted that it was nice that she and Lita didn't give a sh** how they looked. Trish said that it was during a time where she sort of felt ugly so she glammed up not long after that. She also talked about the decision to change her hair color to brunette. It's a good interview.

Subscribers can listen to the interview by clicking here.

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