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Tucker (Levi Cooper) on why he wasn’t on WWE WrestleMania 36 card, why he and Otis lost their last names

Levi Cooper (aka former WWE star Tucker) was interviewed on the latest “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast.

Cooper talked about his release, his entire wrestling career, his NXT run, his main roster run, Vince McMahon, Triple H, Heavy Machinery, Otis, Mandy Rose and more.

Here are some highlights from the show:

Tucker talking about the reasons why he and Otis lost their last names when they moved to the main roster:

“From what I understand the reason behind that was purely and simply, which is funny, it doesn’t make any sense, but in WWE logic, it makes perfect sense, that whenever Vince heard us being announced when we had a TV match, and the announcer had to say, ‘Tucker Knight, Otis Dozovik, Heavy Machinery’, that was too long, so he sh*t canned the last names.  It was just Tucker and Otis, Heavy Machinery.  From what I understand, and we weren’t consulted at all.  I found out about that name change via social media.  I got a text from the social media guy saying, ‘We’re going to change your handles because you guys’ names have changed.’  I’m like, ‘What?  What do you mean our names have changed?’  He was like, ‘Oh, you guys haven’t heard?  Vince wanted to get rid of your guys’ last names.’  We weren’t the first ones, and we weren’t the last ones to have that happen.  That’s happened several times before and after.  That’s the reason from what I understand.  The reason why people lose part of their names is because it saves seconds on television.”

Tucker explaining why he wasn’t on the card at WrestleMania 36:

“Otis and Mandy was supposed to be a mixed tag match from what I understand, or a 6 on 6 with Dolph and Roode, myself and Otis, or potentially a tag match, or a six person intergender match.  These were all being thrown around before the pandemic happened.  The pandemic happened, and then through no fault of his own, Bobby Roode, who lives in Canada, is stuck in Canada for some months at that time.  That means I’m not a part of WrestleMania because you can’t have more babyfaces than heels.  That doesn’t make any sense, so that match becomes just Otis and Dolph, and I’m not part of it at all.’

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