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Turns out Bray Wyatt is a big fan of The Young Bucks too



When you're one of the most successful and popular tag teams on the planet like the Young Bucks are you're going to attract some attention. Most people expect five star match ratings, a ton of merchandise sales, and legions of fans but it turns out Nick and Matt Jackson have at least one fan nobody saw coming.

As it turns out our favorite spot monkeys have a fan in The Eater Of Worlds. Bray Wyatt recently sent out a tweet saying that "the Young Bucks are really good man. Yeah."

Of course never to shy away from a compliment Matt Jackson replied by thanking Bray and saying he'll be seeing him down the road.

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In a world where speculation is the most fun we have, it would be awesome if Bray is looking for more recruits to follow the buzzards with him. Then again, the Jackson brothers would have to probably grow out their beards if they plan on joining Bray's Festival Of Freaks any time soon. It's a good thing Nick and Matt have a little while until their current contracts are up.

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