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Two former WWE stars comment on rumors that they will be in the Royal Rumble

WWE’s big January event this year will be highlighted by the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble. With so many entries still up in the air, some fans are expecting to see women from WWE’s past and although we might get a few names it looks like a couple people won’t be making the show.

Molly Holly recently spoke to Wrestling Inc where the former Mighty Molly revealed that she didn’t even know her name was in the running. “My friends’ kids were texting me and they’re like, ‘I saw on the internet that you’re gonna be in the Royal Rumble.’ I was like, ‘I am?! Oh my gosh! Where does it say this?'” Holly said. “So I start looking like, is this like something that they just forgot to tell me?”

It turns out that Molly had to call WWE when they told her that she was only seeing a fan poll on who the WWE Universe would like to see in the match. “I was like, ‘oh, I’m sorry. I’m like embarrassed.’ I’m just a mark who believes everything that’s on the Internet. But, for a second, I was like ‘Ah crap! I don’t have enough time. I need months to prepare!’ But then it’s not even true, so it was nice enough that the fans cared enough to start a rumor. So, that’s cool.”

Another former Divas’ Champion that fans have been wanting to see make a return is Kaitlyn. She recently made her return to the ring and some people were under the assumption that a Royal Rumble appearance might be in the cards as well. But it turns out as she spoke to WSVN-TV that WWE hasn’t even called her about it.

“I haven’t got a call or anything. As far I know I’m not going to be there” Kaitlyn said. “But they’ve been known to call you 2 days before and that’s what happened to me when I debuted on NXT. They called me on a Friday and told me I was going to debut on a Tuesday. So anything is possible in the world of professional wrestling.”

No matter who shows up in Philly to surprise us, it should still be a great show and a landmark in women’s wrestling. There could be another amazing milestone in women’s wrestling coming up very soon as well. So fans should probably buckle up and enjoy the ride WWE takes us on. But it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing Molly Holly or Kaitlyn in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match unless WWE changes things.

On a related note, there is a former WWE Women’s Champion in Philadelphia. In fact, there are two interesting names spotted in Philadelphia. It could be a spoiler but if you don’t care to be spoiled then click here to read more.

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