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Two huge names being discussed for a future Steve Austin live podcast



The Wrestling Observer is reporting that two big names are being considered for future Steve Austin podcasts on the WWE Network. Those names are Eric Bischoff and Ronda Rousey.

WWE plays a WrestleMania 31 video at most of the live events and when Rousey is shown on the screen she gets a bigger reaction than anyone, including The Rock. There was talk about Rousey shooting an angle at Hell in a Cell but it doesn't look like it'll happen since WrestleMania seems to be out of the least for 2016.

It should be noted that Rousey has not completely closed the door on doing WrestleMania in Dallas. During a Q&A in Australia she teased that she could still fly from Indonesia (where she'll be filming a movie) to Dallas and make it to the show. She also said that she if she was going to appear on the show that she'd want to keep it a surprise because fans love surprises.

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Speaking of Austin, several fans have asked about the new shirt he was wearing on Raw on Monday. The shirt is available at Check it out below:

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