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Two SmackDown stars question WWE’s Survivor Series booking



On Saturday, WWE announced the male and female competitors for both Team Raw and SmackDown at Survivor Series. The show has a brand rivalry theme. There were no qualifying matches for the spots or storyline reasons, but the competitors were just random.

Xavier Woods and Ricochet questioned the booking of these matches on Twitter.

Ricochet tweeted: “What happened to qualifying matches 🤔.”

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Woods tweeted: “I agree! Hence why I’m glad to lead these four champions into the battlefield. Also, what do we get when we win? I love fighting for more than the winners purse. AKA you also have no idea what the winning team gets at #SurvivorSeries.”

The idea behind the theme of the show is having the stakes of bragging rights for the next year even though the event takes place a few weeks after the Draft, which changes up the rosters.

There will also be champion vs champion matches. WWE holds the Survivor Series pay-per-view event on Saturday, November 21, 2021 in Brooklyn, New York at the Barclays Center, which will air on Peacock.