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Two top WWE stars are getting movie and TV offers from Hollywood

John Cena has his foot firmly planted in Hollywood and now it looks like two more WWE Superstars may follow in his footsteps.

Becky Lynch, who will be appearing in “Billions” on Showtime on 5/3 at 9 pm eastern, is getting television and movie offers. I was told of at least two directors that would be interested in casting her in big movie projects.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that a major national women’s magazine is preparing for a major feature on Lynch and others in the entertainment world are interested in her because of how she connects with the crowd. I was told that her Twitter presence has helped her a lot. One source told me that at certain times during feuds, Paul Heyman has suggested things for her to tweet and her Twitter strategy appears to be working.

Another person who is getting offers is Roman Reigns. He will be in David Spade’s move titled “The Wrong Missy” on Netflix. The movie is set to premiere on 5/13 and Reigns has interest from Hollywood producers for other projects.

The feeling is that doors were opened for him when he did the Hobbs and Shaw movie. The feeling on Reigns is that he has the look of a star who will come off well on TV shows. That means a lot especially when it comes time to promote projects on talk shows.

If Reigns and Lynch choose to take on more roles then it could be the start of them taking on a limited schedule with WWE, similar to what John Cena did when he started to get movie offers. In the case of Reigns, his relationship with WWE doesn’t seem to be doing so well these days and there is no word on when we might see him on WWE TV again. Click here for more on that story.

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