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Two top WWE Superstars worked Survivor Series with injuries

Survivor Series was an action-packed night from start to finish and although some are in agreement that the main event didn’t really deliver they still did their best. As it turns out, the main event could have been much worse if two of the top players would have missed the match like they might have needed to.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Kurt Angle’s leg was heavily taped up and his knee was not in good shape. It was pretty obvious to anyone watching that his knee was buckling and he was taking it as easy as he could as Meltzer noted: “he really had no business in the ring.”

Triple H was also suffering an injury as well. After all, Trips just came off working a handful of European tour dates after not working for quite a long time. Therefore he was also “banged up” which is why he did little in the match except for executing a few key spots.

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