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Two WWE stars add fuel to AEW rumors


WWE Superstar Scott Dawson has still not signed a new contract to stay with the company and he's not going out of his way to put out those AEW Rumors.

In fact, he added fuel to the rumors that he and Dash Wilder might not be too happy with the way they are booked in WWE. Last week when they dropped the tag team titles to The New Day, he updated his profile photo with the updated Survivor Series graphic for the match that he and Wilder were originally booked for.

On Tuesday, Dawson changed his profile pic to a photo of himself and Wilder doing The Young Bucks ring pose.

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Wilder posted the same photo on his account.

In a recent Instagram post, Dawson talked about the time he's spent away from his family over the last few weeks. He wrote, "rarely do I ever post about my family, but I haven’t been home with my girls, consistently, for more than 2 days, in 3 months time. These are the times you realize, money really isn’t everything. Do what you love & what makes you happy. That’s the plan. Highway run…."

We'll see if all of this is an indication that they are seriously considering AEW or if these social media posts are being done to get a better money offer from WWE. It seems to have worked for Randy Orton.