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Two WWE stars expected in AEW shortly after WrestleMania

As first noted several days ago by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, The Revival asked for their release again this past week.

Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that they asked for their release after WWE greatly increased their offer to them in an effort to get them to stay. Meltzer noted that it was a five-year deal offered to them.

Their deals were set to expire months ago but time was added to their contracts because WWE has a clause put into contracts that allows them to add time when a wrestler takes time away due to an injury. Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder will be free agents shortly after WrestleMania.

One source I spoke with in the company thinks they are on their way out and there is nothing WWE can do to convince them to stay.

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"If Vince had kept his promise to put more time and effort into tag teams then maybe they would have stayed but look at what they're doing with Gallows and Anderson," said the source.

The same source told me, "they aren't looking for leverage. They are not happy here."

People in the company are aware about the recent trademarks filed for "Shatter Machine" and "#FTR" and the belief among many in the company is that they will be in AEW in a few months. As previously noted, Dawson and Wilder have hired the same trademark attorney that has filed trademarks for Cody Rhodes, Shawn Spears, Lance Archer and others affiliated with AEW.

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