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Two WWE stars suspended for wellness policy violations



Two WWE Superstars have been suspended by the company for wellness policy violations.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that Robert Roode and Primo Colon were hit with 30-day suspensions this week. It's not clear at this time what was in their system. According to WWE's wellness policy, marijuana use would only lead to a $2,500 fine and not a suspension which means Roode and Colon would have had something else in their system to warrant a 30-day suspension.

Roode last wrestled Roman Reigns on the 11/29/19 episode of Friday Night SmackDown in a loss to Roman Reigns. He has been aligned with Dolph Ziggler in recent months.

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Primo Colon has not worked many WWE shows this year but he has been allowed to work for his father's WWC promotion in Puerto Rico. There have been conflicting stories on his future. Savio Vega recently said in a shoot interview that Primo and cousin Epico were on their way out of WWE but sources close to Primo and Epico say they still have some time left on their contracts.

Either way, they have been hit with 30-day suspensions. According to WWE's wellness policy, a first-time offense is 30 days. A second time offense is 60 days and wrestlers who are flagged for the third time would be fired.

WWE is expected to make an announcement soon on Roode and Primo.