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Two WWE stars teasing a jump to AEW?



A Twitter interaction between Erik of The Viking Raiders and Matt Hardy has fans on social media buzzing and wondering if perhaps, The Viking Raiders would consider jumping from WWE to AEW when their contracts expire.

It started when Matt shared a tweet of a match from a few years ago in Oklahoma when they faced Erik and Ivar when they were known as War Machine. This match took place in 2016 in Ring Of Honor and not too long before both teams signed with WWE.

Hardy tweeted, "This clip recently resurfaced.. A few years ago in Oklahoma, the #BROKEN Hardys had an experience with The Viking Raiders. They’re a TREMENDOUS team & it was a helluva match!"

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Erik responded:
"Until we meet again my friend.

Matt responded again, "I anxiously await that meeting."

Ivar also commented:
"We are still awaiting our rematch #JoinTheRaid


These teases sound a like like the teases between the Twitter exchanges between The Young Bucks and the former Revival. If The Viking Raiders/War Machine match is going to happen then it would likely happen outside of WWE since it looks like Matt's days as a WWE Superstar are behind him. Jeff Hardy's contract is due to expire sometime late this year or early 2021. It's not clear when The Viking Raider's deal is up but it might be next year since they likely are under 3-year deals and they signed with WWE in January 2018.