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Two WWE Superstars could be doing a double-turn soon



Over the last few months, Rusev has been getting babyface reactions at the live events. Some of that comes from the fact that he's been great at everything creative has given him. Also, there's a large chunk of the fanbase that follows him on social media and, quite frankly, his Twitter and Instagram accounts are great which makes it harder to dislike him.

At Monday's Smackdown Live show, Rusev took on Tye Dillinger and something interesting happened during the match. According to the fans in attendance, Rusev played the babyface role for several minutes and Dillinger played a heel.

WWE has been known to try things out at live events before going forward with plans on TV and it seemed like they were testing a potential face turn for Rusev and heel turn for Dillinger.

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They've done a lot with Rusev as a heel and it makes sense to turn him now. Fans want to cheer him because it's hard not to like the guy. Dillinger's "10" chants are over but WWE might want to turn him to kill off those chants. If not, then they will have the same issue they had with the "what" chants. The "what" chant caught on because of Steve Austin in late 2001 but fans later used it to try to disrupt wrestler promos so I can see why they would want to turn Dillinger heel. For Dillinger, this might not be a good thing because the chants are the primary reason why he is over.

Oh, and if you missed Rusev's epic Instagram post from this week, click here to check it out and you'll see why fans love the guy.

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