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Two WWE Superstars receive a small name change

You can’t say you didn’t see this one coming. After all, they’ve been referring to themselves by only their last names for the entirety of the Bludgeon Brothers promos hyping their repackaging. But Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have officially lost their first names.’s bio for the two now only lists them as “Harper” and “Rowan” which falls in line with so many other stars before them like (Adrian) Neville, (Alexander) Rusev, (Antonio) Cesaro, and Elias (Samson). Big E even had a last name back in the day which was “Langston” and TJP used to be “TJ Perkins.” The list goes on and I can only imagine there are a few more Superstars that McMahon would like to alter their name so it looks better on a t-shirt. Apparently, Vince McMahon is still on that shorter names have more impact kick.

The Bludgeon Brothers had a great showing as they squashed the Hype Bros on SmackDown Live but they still lost their last names in the process.

With all of the attention not being paid to last names, it’s ironic that WWE kept Cody Rhodes’ last name when he left the company and still won’t give it back to him.

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