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Tyler Breeze is now on the main roster, Raw ticket sales note, Patrick Clark update

- Dave Meltzer noted today that Tyler Breeze is supposed to be starting on the main roster really soon. He is officially considered to be a main roster wrestler. He could start sometime this week but he may be bumped by a week or two. Breeze worked on the dark match before the recent Smackdown taping and he has been working on some of the live events with the main roster.'s Stoney Keeley wrote a column on Tyler Breeze last week. Click here to read why Stoney felt that Breeze's call-up to the main roster was long overdue.

- Raw still has 3,000 tickets remaining as of this writing even though they had been advertising Steve Austin for the show. Austin is no longer being advertised but he will still be in Dallas for his podcast with Brock Lesnar. We noted last week that the Chicago Raw did not sell out even though it's a hot wrestling town and they only sold 3,000 tickets for the Smackdown taping on Tuesday.

- As we noted on Saturday night, Patrick Clark is signed to a WWE deal. He starts training at the Performance Center on Monday.

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