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Tyler Breeze reacts to fan saying funny characters can't be the main event

tyler breeze

There was a lot of hype surrounding Tyler Breeze when he got his main roster call-up from NXT. Breeze never got a run with any title while in WWE's developmental territory, but he did create a following. He was primed for a jump to the main roster well before it was actually announced as well.

Breeze traveled with the main roster to a few towns and made some house shows before his October 22, 2015, main roster debut. When I saw him in May of that year, even in a six-man tag match people could tell how good he could be. For some reason, he reminded me of Shawn Michaels and I realize how you should never say that but as hard as I try while Breeze continues his WWE journey I can't really see much of anything else.

Tyler's personality, abilities, and passion were a huge focal point of WWE's Breaking Ground and the docuseries put him over huge. He carried a selfie stick to the ring broadcasting his image on the screen like a modern-day Michaels when he used to have Sherri carry a heart-shaped mirror so he could look at himself during his entrance. But upon arriving at the main roster, Tyler Breeze didn't do much of anything special except for a very nice little run with Dolph Ziggler because WWE just likes having Dolph Ziggler welcome a guy into the main roster for some reason.

He soon found himself in a winless streak on 20 television appearances and then he teamed up with Fandango and the two were soon on the case as The Fashion Police. What case were they on? Nobody knew and nobody cared because it was simply entertaining.

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Since 2016 Breezango hasn't wrestled much but they've been on television a lot more than people who don't wrestle matches. Their Fashion Files segments were a high point for many fans on a weekly basis and we were upset when SmackDown advertised a continuation of their hunt for 2B and didn't deliver the next week.

But through it all, Breeze has persevered. Breezango finds themselves on Raw now after the recent Superstar Shake-Up and they seem to be just another team in a fledgling division. Prince Pretty tweeted out, "they say the cream rises to the top..... does anyone have some balloons or a life vest?"

Tyler received plenty of support from fans but one critical individual commented, "funny characters don’t get main event status. Risk it all or stay complacent." This is when Tyler replied asking if The Rock was funny. It's not like Kurt Angle ever put on a super small hat or Stone Cold Steve Austin played a guitar like a goof. Entertainment is comedy, as well as suspense and Breeze made his point quite clear with his response.

At this point, a push for Tyler Breeze might require breaking up Breezango and although it's sad they never got a run with a Tag Team Championship, neither did The Rockers. In fact, Breeze hasn't held a tag team title since he was FCW Florida Tag Team Championship with Roman Reigns back with he was Leakee and Breeze was known as Mike Dalton.

I don't want to ignore Fandango or his abilities either because he's a veteran approaching his 20th year in the pro wrestling business who has the ability to do incredible things as well. But this article is already long enough and I promise to put Fandango over at a later date like he deserves.

But only time will tell how things pan out for Breeze and Dango because WWE did just give them a nice new t-shirt and could always push them as a team. But HBK broke up The Rockers three years into their run with Vince McMahon and Company so maybe Fandango might want to be careful around any barber shop windows.