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Tyler Breeze responds to fans criticizing the way he’s booked by WWE

Tyler Breeze and Kalisto wrestled prior to Raw in a match taped for WWE Superstars. Breeze has been mostly absent from WWE television this year but he has been working his butt off on the road and it sounds like he and Kalisto had a very good match. Breeze told fans that they would not be disappointed when they watched the match. That was followed by fans criticizing WWE booking for keeping him off Raw. He kept things classy by not ripping on his employers.

Breeze has been wrestling with Kalisto, Sin Cara and Jack Swagger at some of the recent house shows. Hopefully, his work on these shows gets noticed enough so that it gets him back on main WWE programming. His match with Kalisto was praised by Sasha Banks and other WWE Superstars on social media.

Check out his response to fans below:

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