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Tyler Reks claims that John Cena tried to get Alex Riley fired from WWE

Former WWE star Tyler Reks did a Reddit AMA session recently and he went into detail on alleged incidents with Alex Riley and John Cena. Reks claims that Cena tried to get Rile fired from WWE.

Reks said, “There is truth that there was some sort of unknown, unreasonable heat between Riley and Cena. To the point where everyone on the roster thought that Cena was treating him in a way that was totally uncalled for. No one approached Cena about it, but the entire locker room was on Riley’s side, a lot of condolences, and this is ‘ridiculous bro,’ and it was every freakin’ day. Cena thought Riley did something wrong every single day” Reks said.

Reks then claimed that Cena went through Riley’s bag, gave him a hard time for using supplements he was taking and other things in efforts of getting Riley fired from WWE. 

“Like, it’s completely against the wrestler code to ever go through another wrestler’s bag. One day, Riley walked into an empty locker room, and Cena was just going through his bag. He found some pre-workout vitamins and b—hed him out for taking supplements, asking if he ‘thinks this is ok.’ Like, he was looking for a reason to get him fired,” Reks said.

Reks then claimed that Cena told Riley to act a certain way during a six-man tag team match and after the match was over, yelled at Riley for not doing what Cena had told him to do.

“We had the match when Linda [McMahon] was running for Congress for the Stand Up For WWE charity shows, and it was a tag match, I think it was a six man tag match if I remember right. And it was me, Hawkins, and Ziggler vs. Riley, and two other baby faces. Cena had made it clear that he wanted Riley to act a certain way and do certain things. And we structured the entire match to his wishes, and it went flawlessly as far as we were concerned,” Reks explained. “The second we walked backstage he came up to me and said ‘hey where’s numbnuts?’ And he sees the look on my face and tells me to go get Riley. So all six of us came back and he b—hed out Riley in front of the backstage roster — about how he always tells him to do one thing and he does another, and Cena was ‘washing his hands of helping him.’ Even Ziggler was like, ‘What the hell, man?'”

You can check out Reks’ full AMA at this link.

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