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The NWA TV Champion Tyrus will be challenging Trevor Murdoch for the NWA title at NWA 74 and he appeared on "Talk Is Jericho" to promote the show.

Tyrus talking about his babyface turn when he was in WWE and how he learned to dance as part of his gimmick:

“My first reaction was WTF? "I just said, 'Can I go back to Dusty and figure it out? We're not doing it tonight, right?' They said, 'Oh no, not tonight. We got a couple of weeks.' I was like so I'll go back and get with Dusty and figure this out.”

“I went to Dusty and I was damn near crying. My dream just blew up in my face. I had Deep South and it was like me, Swagger, Kofi, T.J., Harry, Nattie, you know, when all those guys had sure got established, and I got let go for a little while and then I was brought back. So I'm at FCW and I'm just ready to go. I had that great run with Alberto and got the chance to work with Edge and Christian. So I was just ready to go and frustrated. I was no longer being like, 'Oh, I'll wait my time.' I was like, 'My time is now.'”

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“Dusty just looked me in the face and he goes, 'Are you better than me?' I was like, 'No, coach.' He said, ‘They put me in polka dots.’ I said, 'You're right.' So he's like, 'So you gotta dance. How are you gonna dance?' I said, 'I have no clue.' He kicked everybody out of the building. He had the sound guy put on, 'Moves like Jagger.' You can imagine I'm sitting there just standing there in this arena alone. He comes walking out of the office with his shirt off, and I'm like, 'What the hell are we doing here', and he's like, 'Dance with me.' I said, 'I'm not dancing with you.' He's like, 'Dance with me', and we started dancing. He's like, 'That's all you got?' Within like 10 minutes, you would have thought it was like a Grease movie where the two chunky butts are dancing around the building together. Before I knew it, I was having fun and laughing. He was showing me all those moves. He said, 'You can't use this one because they'll know it's me. It's money', because no one was over like he was over, God rest his soul. Legitimately after dancing for 30 minutes with him. I wasn't afraid of it anymore."

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