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Tyson Kidd comments on new role in WWE three years after career-ending injury

There aren’t many people backstage in WWE who display an unwavering love of pro wrestling quite like Tyson Kidd. He might go by his real name TJ Wilson now as a backstage producer for WWE but he’s still living every day for the business.

As you remember, Wilson’s in-ring career was suddenly ended after Samoa Joe hit him with a Muscle Buster during a dark match before Raw. This was before Joe was ever called up from NXT and it is also the reason why the Muscle Buster seems to have disappeared since. Kidd should have statistically been paralyzed and unable to walk after that horrific injury but he persevered and became an amazing example of what the human body can do, of course, it helped that he has always kept himself in amazing shape.

But yesterday was three years since that terrible accident and TJ Wilson now wears a suit to work and leaves the boots at home in his closet. But he’s still having a great time. An attitude like Wilson’s is hard to find and he’s still loved by his peers backstage who wish they could be locking up with him once again. Even though Tyson Kidd might not be strolling to the ring in his Beatz headphones anymore he can use his wealth of knowledge in a backstage capacity and help influence in other respects.

” I had no clue what the hell the rest of my life would look like. I really enjoy my current role and look forward to many more years contributing to something I love,” TJ tweeted out along with a selfie with his wife Natalya. It’s great he’s able to not only walk but also add so much in his new role with WWE.


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