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Tyson Kidd injury update, in-ring career is likely over

Tyson Kidd noted on social media this week that he is still not able to feel or move his head like he used to but he is still focused on his recovery. Kidd was injured during a dark match with Samoa Joe on 6/1/15 and has not wrestled since then. He ended up getting C1-C2 spinal fusion surgery.

The injury was actually a lot worse than the public knew and doctors told him that he could have been killed and there was 95 percent chance of death. If he lived then he should have been paralyzed. In a sense, he’s incredibly lucky to be alive and not be paralyzed but his in-ring career is essentially over.

It’s still not known exactly what went wrong but Joe has done the muscle buster hundreds (maybe thousands) of times and, to my knowledge, never hurt anyone. Bret Hart did interviews saying that Kidd and Joe were rushed out to do a quick match without being able to warm up. Cesaro did an interview last month and flat out said that there are a couple of moves that should be outlawed in WWE and one of those moves is Joe’s muscle buster.


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