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Tyson Kidd recalls what Stu Hart said to Vince McMahon when Owen Hart passed away



TJ Wilson (aka WWE Producer Tyson Kidd) was interviewed on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet." TJ talked about his work in WWE as a Producer, his perspective on Owen Hart's death, his wife Natalya Neidhart, and much more.

TJ Wilson was asked, “Being that close to the Hart Family, can you take me back to where you were when Owen passed away at Over The Edge?”

Wilson responded: “Yea. We were watching the PPV at Davey and Diana’s house which was literally up the hill from Stu’s. It was less than a three minute drive to Stu’s. We were up there watching the PPV. There were a bunch of us. When a bunch of people get together to watch a PPV, you don’t just sit and just hang on every word. You’re all talking and you’re watching the show. You see Owen’s promo and then we were all talking and laughing as he was talking about drinking your milk, blah, blah, blah, the Blue Blazer.

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We were talking and we didn’t instantly realize Jim Ross and Jerry Lawlers’ expression and what they were saying. We were laughing about Owen’s promo. When the camera was on Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler, it took a second to register that maybe that match is later or maybe they are talking about the next match. It took a minute to realize what was going on and then all of a sudden, Jim Ross was explaining that something happened to Owen. I remember, I guess like everybody else, like, is this an angle? Is this a part of the show? Like, what’s happening here?

Then all of a sudden more people started coming in. Then Davey found out that Owen fell but we weren’t sure of the result yet. Then I think we all stopped and we headed down to Stu’s. From there we got word about Owen passing away. Now almost everyone’s at Stu’s. By the minute, more cars are pulling up. I can remember Vince did a press conference that night. He called Stu right before or after that press conference. I don’t know which one. I remember the phone being passed around. I remember Bruce Hart ripping into him. I obviously can’t hear Vince from the other side.

Stu was talking to him. I think maybe a few others talked to Vince on the phone that night. Obviously, he contacted Martha prior to that I believe. I can remember Stu saying, and I don’t know if that was the promoter in him, but Stu said something to the effect that he almost felt bad for Vince. He said, ‘I feel bad for you. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes right now.’ That’s just how Stu was. He just lost a son, but he also understood that it wasn’t done out of malice. I can’t speak for him, but just the way he handled things, Stu was so stoic with everything. Even when Helen passed, she passed about two years before Stu, and obviously, he was sad and it shook him, but he was pretty stoic. He’s tough, man. He was so tough, inside and out, but also so generous and so nice. It was wild.”

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