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Tyson Kidd update – WWE directive given for Total Divas to exclude him from scenes

As many of you know by now, Tyson Kidd is not featured on the current season of “Total Divas.” It’s funny because the show tries to portray that they are covering the “real-life” parts of wrestlers lives. Obviously, there is a lot of scripting involved with the show. Kidd noted on twitter last week that he was taken off the show and fans would have to contact them to find out why. He also noted that he doesn’t think WWE wants his situation explained.

Basically, as noted here before, he is lucky to be alive after being injured from taking Samoa Joe’s muscle buster during a Raw dark match last year. Doctors consider it to be a miracle that he is not confined to a wheelchair. So, the match with Samoa Joe was thrown together at the last minute and both guys didn’t really have time to warm up or go over what they were going to do. There were also questions on how WWE handled the injury.

It’s an awkward situation because Natalya is working for the company so nobody is saying anything because of concern over how it could affect her career. The producers were given a directive several months ago to not shoot anything with him and to make sure he is not shown in any scenes. That makes for an awkward situation because they film stuff at his house all the time while he’s there.

WWE’s claim is that he is not featured on the show because he’s not on the active roster. That doesn’t make much sense when you consider that Paige and Alberto Del Rio are going to be featured on the show and Eva Marie’s husband, who is not a wrestler, is on the show and he is not under contract with WWE.

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