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Tyson Kidd’s injury to be addressed publicly for the first time

The season finale of Total Divas airs on Tuesday, September 29. The episode will focus on the return of Nikki Bella’s ex-boyfriend coming back into the picture, Paige telling her fiance her true feelings and TJ (Tyson Kidd) facing the news that his career may be over. They will play things up on the show like both Nattie and TJ are both facing the end of their careers.

It will be interesting to see what is talked about because WWE has been quiet about Tyson’s injury even though it’s known now (thanks to a Bret Hart interview and others that have said so privately) that Tyson’s career may indeed be over after a freak injury during a dark match with Samoa Joe. The other thing that hasn’t been talked about is that he was told that he is very lucky to be alive and lucky to not be confined to be in a wheelchair.

The Samoa Joe vs. Tyson Kidd match was thrown together at the last minute and both men didn’t have a chance to warm up.


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