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UFC 225: Mike Jackson defeats CM Punk via unanimous decision

CM Punk vs. Mike Jackson kicked off the main card on the UFC 225 pay-per-view on Saturday night. Under normal circumstances, the fight would have aired on UFC Fight Pass or during the prelims on FS1. However, Dana White said this week that Punk vs. Jackson was included on the main card because Punk is a pay-per-view draw. Punk had to schedule his training days around his trial against WWE doctor Chris Amann and he cited anxiety issues as the reason why he did not participate in a public workout for the media. So, going into this fight, there were more questions about him than Jackson during the hours leading into this fight.

Punk used “Cult of Personality” as he made his way to the Octagon and he got a nice reception from his hometown fans in Chicago. There were “CM Punk” chants just before the fight got started.

Punk threw some nice leg kicks during the opening seconds and he landed some punches up against the cage. He followed up with a knee to the body. It’s clear that he has made improvements and Joe Rogan acknowledged that on commentary. With 37 seconds left in the first round, Punk was able to get Jackson down to the ground. He dominated the entire round but he looked exhausted and he was bleeding from his nose.

2nd round…Punk pressed the action again with some punches and another takedown attempt. Punk took a solid right but came back with a guillotine that drove Jackson to the ground. The fans booed because Jackson was on top and not doing much while Punk tried to hit from his back. You could argue that Jackson won this round 10-8.

3rd round…Jackson seemed calm in between rounds and Punk looked exhausted heading into this round. His face was also covered in blood. The commentators noted that Jackson was not was not showing urgency because he had several opportunities to finish the fight. Rogan joked that maybe someone paid Jackson to keep the fight going.

Jackson won 30-26 by unanimous decision.

Long-time fans of Punk will probably speculate on what his future will be going forward. Punk has given conflicting statements on his wrestling future. He told’s Ariel Helwani that he never received a real offer to wrestle but a day later he outright said that he was done with pro wrestling. Voice Of Wrestling reported that, according to their source, Punk would likely not appear at All In if he was decimated in his fight at UFC 225.

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