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UFC Champion Michael Bisping: WWE stars would "Get Taken Care of Pretty Quick"

UFC Middleweight Champion is following Conor McGregor with his trash talk against WWE's roster. Bisping, who is scheduled to defend his UFC Middleweight Championship against Dan Henderson in October, is doing a media tour to promote his upcoming fight.

During an interview on Houston's "In The Loop" radio show, Bisping was asked if he agreed with McGregor's comments about WWE. Apparently, he did because he said that he could "whip a WWE locker room." He added, "Come on those WWE guys, God bless them. They jump around in spandex and leotards and they put on a good show, but we are fighters."

I'm sure that those comments will not be received well by some of the WWE roster but Bisping didn't stop there. He continued, "We are the real deal. If any of those guys were to step into our office, they’d get taken care of pretty quickly."

Click below to listen to the entire interview:

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