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UFC’s Colby Covington shares timeline for potential jump to WWE

UFC welterweight fighter Colby Covington is back at it again with talk of making the move from MMA to pro wrestling.

Covington is a big WWE fan as he’s used Kurt Angle’s walkout music for fights and has a relationship with Bobby Lashley.

Covington did an interview with MMA Fighting where he expressed his admiration for the performers in WWE. He thinks WWE stars are true sports athlete entertainers and praised them for their recent work in front of no fans.

“I hope to join them someday. I’ve got a lot of love and respect for Vince McMahon and what he’s done for the business model of the WWE.”

He stated that his goal is to make wrestling real again because he wants people to get behind it and think that it’s real. He stated that no one will go to the top rope on him because he won’t let them up there.

“So I’m looking to go over to WWE and make wrestling real again in the near future. Until then I’m gonna be retiring all the old fogeys over here in the UFC. I would say probably 2021. Next summer, not this summer, but next summer.”

Covington talked about practicing moves and working on his microphone skills as well as slowing things down to understand the art that is pro wrestling. He stated that he wants to make sure that when he does go to WWE that he makes the biggest splash possible because he’s not here for a long time but rather a good time. He stated that he’s not going there to make friends but money.

“When I go over there I want to make Brink’s trucks loads of money.”

Covington continued by noting that he does good numbers because people want to see him as he considers himself an entertainer and someone who divides people as they either hate or love him.

He would later praise Ronda Rousey as the greatest women’s mixed martial artist of all time. He stated that it’s good to learn from her and see how she handled the transition.

“I know how to entertain so I think it’s gonna be a smooth transition when I go to the WWE in 2021.”

Covington is still under contract with the UFC so in order for him to make this jump, he would need to get it cleared by UFC President Dana White or be let out of his current deal.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below:



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