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UFC's Dana White still not sure when Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Cormier fight will happen

UFC President Dana White spoke with ESPN's Brett Okamoto after Saturday night's UFC 230 event. White was asked if Brock Lesnar is going to be Daniel Cormier's next opponent.

White said, "Should be. I can't predict anything but yea."

When asked if he's talked to Lesnar, White said, "I have not talked to Brock tonight but I haven't looked at my phone either." White added, "Brock and I haven't talked in a little while. He was doing his WWE stuff and we'll see. There's no timeline."

White noted that Cormier and Derrick Lewis took the UFC 230 fight on short notice and he wants to let Cormier take some time off with his family.

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White ranked Cormier as one of the all-time greats in MMA and as a person outside of the Octagon. He said that he believes Cormier when he says he will retire in March when he turns 40. White said that Cormier has a promising future as a broadcaster. For those of you that missed the news, Cormier has a tryout coming up with WWE because Fox wants SmackDown Live to be more sports and less comedy and they really like Cormier.

For what it's worth, although Lesnar is in the USADA testing pool, he has yet to sign a fight contract with UFC. Lesnar's fight date could determine storyline decisions in WWE since Lesnar is the Universal Champion. Click here to read more about the original plans for WWE Crown Jewel before Roman Reigns' illness.

Listen to White's comments below: