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Ultimate Warrior music at Cowboys game, Guardians still doing business, Lance Storm blog

Ultimate Warrior’s theme music was played today during the Cowboys-Texans game today.

Guardians of the Galaxy is still pulling in some revenue. It came in at number 9 on the box office charts this weekend. The movie did about $3.03 million this weekend.

Lance Storm has a blog up talking about WrestleMania 23. Here’s an excerpt:

There was a really weird backstage segment with Vince before his match. He was in his office when Steph brought in his granddaughter in baby carriage. At first Vince was the loving grandpa, but quickly term quite evil giving Steph a hard time for bringing the baby to his office. I guess it was to make Vince seem crazy but it just made me uncomfortable. We then got a camera angle from inside the baby carriage looking out at Vince as he told his granddaughter what he was going to do to Trump. I hated this bit because it broke the 4th wall so to speak because to shoot it like this you obviously had to remove the child and set a camera in the carriage to shoot Vince. Very fake.

You can check out the full blog by clicking here.


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