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Unaired Paul Heyman footage teasing something for WWE SummerSlam?



Last night's segment with Paul Heyman was the highlight of the show for many fans. Heyman seemed to be a shell of himself as he talked about Brock Lesnar not answering his calls after turning on him last week.

At the end of the interview, Heyman said that Roman Reigns doesn't stand a chance against "this" Brock Lesnar. WWE has posted additional footage that did not air on Raw and, as you can see below, Heyman teases something when he starts to say, "unless" before cutting himself off. Renee Young tries to get him to say more but Heyman walks off.

This could be anything. It could mean that Heyman might be ready to turn on Lesnar and side with Reigns. If that happens then it could mean that we'll finally get to see Reigns as a heel. However, Vince McMahon has been adamant about getting fans to cheer for Reigns so a heel turn seems unlikely. The other scenario could be that Heyman will introduce his latest client (perhaps someone like Braun Strowman or Bobby Lashley) and cost Lesnar the title. If Strowman is his man then he could cash in at the end of the night or on the following night on Raw. Lesnar's last advertised appearance is the Raw after SummerSlam in Brooklyn.

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We'll see how things play out at SummerSlam but you should check out the unaired footage of Heyman below: