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Bray Wyatt appeared live at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Bray talked about coming from a prestigious family and wanting to be great wasn't good enough because he wanted to be greater than all of them.

Bray said he no longer felt pain when he wore the mask and he was no longer afraid and it felt good to feel untouchable but that monster destroyed him and ran off the people that he loved. Bray said he sat alone with no one to live him and nowhere to run. Bray said no one loves him and they love the things that he is capable of. He said, "I don't even love me."

Bray said he didn't want to be remembered for being a monster. He yelled several times that "my name is Bray Wyatt" and he is here to rewrite the ending to his story. The mysterious Uncle Howdy appeared on the screen again to tell him to give him because it will feel good. Howdy told him to just never take the mask off.

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