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Unvaccinated wrestlers did not get a warning from WWE before they were released



On today's Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the recent talent cuts and how some were let go because they were not vaccinated. The New York Post reported that Nia Jax was among those let go because she was not vaccinated. Jax later stated on Instagram that she was never given an option to get vaccinated and she had recently asked for more time off because she was on a mental health break.

"Everybody was told it was budgetary reasons," Meltzer said. He added that people on the roster who were not vaccinated were not told that their vaccination status played a part in their release. "So on the vax story, there were several of the people, I don't know the names specifically, it was not everyone but it was probably a half dozen or more that did not get vaxxed that were cut and it was very much a part of the reason. The thing is and I know this from a couple of different people because I asked 'were you told that if you don't get vaxxed that you were in trouble?'"

"They never told anyone to get vaccinated, as far as I know, or threatened [or told] you have to. Because I know [I asked] were you told that you needed to get vaccinated. And it was like 'no.' It was understood they wanted you to but nobody was told. If the idea was like we're gonna cut people who don't get vaccinated, I think that they should tell people ahead of time and maybe there's legal reasons why they don't as far as lawsuits or something."

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Meltzer said that some of the unvaccinated people took the place of some of the names that were going to get cut and still may get cut in the near future. As noted earlier, there are approximately 10 more names that could be released soon because they were in consideration to be cut this past week.

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