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The Rock in Philadelphia; Update on what he told fans about the Royal Rumble


The Rock has been in Miami recently filming a new show for HBO called “Ballers” so there’s a reason why he’s in the WWE hotel in Philadelphia.

Several fans spotted The Rock at cheesesteak spot Pats & Genos. There were fans asking if he was in Philly for the Rumble. WrestleRumors heard from one fan that said that Rock remarked “wait and see” when he was asked if he was in town for the Rumble.

We got a report from another fan that said that he was asked the same question by another fan as he was leaving. Rock reportedly looked and gave a smile and walked off.


As noted earlier, The Rock is in Philadelphia, the site of tonight’s Royal Rumble. Just to add to the previous update, The Rock was spotted at the WWE hotel so there is certainly a possibility that he will be appearing tonight.

The company was looking to do a Triple H vs. The Rock match at WrestleMania and they teased it on Smackdown back in October but there was some doubt as to whether or not Rock could do the match so they went in the direction of Sting vs. Triple H instead.

Tonight will be interesting.

For those that missed it, here is The Rock’s tweet:

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