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Update on AJ Styles’ future with WWE

It’s a great time to be a wrestler especially those who have a contract expiring this year.

Several WWE stars have already requested their release but only one has been granted (Hideo Itami) while others are considering their options when their deals expire.

AJ Styles’ deal with WWE is set to expire in April and since he is close with several people in AEW, it’s natural to speculate on a possible jump to that promotion. However, don’t bet on Styles going anywhere.

Dave Meltzer recently reported that although Styles deal expires in April, the belief is that he will be staying with WWE.

My guess is that he will be paid more money under his new WWE deal and perhaps he’ll be given more weekends off since he has said in the past that he’s wanted to spend more time with his family. Styles will likely benefit by the influx of money coming in from the new NBCUniversal and FOX deals. WWE has told wrestlers that new contract offers will be for significantly more money because more money is coming in because of the TV deals.

Styles will turn 42 in January so he would be almost 47 years old by the time his new deal expires, assuming that he signed a 5-year deal. All of the new contract offers are for five-year deals instead of three because WWE wants to lock in wrestlers so they have less to worry about with AEW offering big money.


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