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Update on Alberto Del Rio and his reported high level WWE salary

Konnan was angry at Dave Meltzer on his recent podcast because of reports going around saying that Alberto Del Rio was NOT making $1.45 million dollars downside guarantee on his new WWE deal. Keep in mind that it was WWE that was denying that he was making that much. Obviously, WWE wouldn’t want the $1.45 million number to get out because most people in the company are not making that much money.

Also, it should be noted that other people that are close to Alberto have also said that he is making $1.45 million and reports that he is making less are not true. It was also said that the number coming from WWE’s side wouldn’t make any sense because Alberto was making $600,000 while he was working his own schedule and working half the number of days that he’s working now for WWE. It was said that Alberto would not have gone back to WWE to work more dates and make less money.

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