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Update on Alexa Bliss, reason why she will be off WWE TV for the next few months



PWInsider has confirmed that Alexa Bliss was written off WWE TV at Extreme Rules on Sunday.

Wrestling Inc. previously reported that Bliss would be taking time off and it's believed that she will be off WWE TV for a few months.

PWInsider reported today that Bliss is scheduled for upcoming sinus surgery. The exact timeframe for her return to action is not known at this time.

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Based on her recent storyline with Charlotte Flair, it looks like she will either revert back to her old character from her pre-Bray Wyatt days or there will be some sort of evolution of her character when she returns.

Charlotte Flair said last week that she wanted the old version of Alexa Bliss and after the match on Sunday she said that the woman she wrestled was the old version so it looks like they may be ditching the Bray Wyatt-inspired aspects of her character.

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