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Update on Brock Lesnar, reason why Braun Strowman was squashed at WWE Crown Jewel



One of the big stories coming out of Crown Jewel was Brock Lesnar destroying Braun Strowman and winning the Universal Championship. It was widely assumed that Strowman would win the title but those plans apparently changed when Roman Reigns had to pull out of the event due to his illness.

"Lesnar is signed for at least two more appearances," Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. "He's gonna face AJ at Survivor Series which is non-title. Then the plan is for Strowman. Whether that's Rumble or WrestleMania I don't know."

The story WWE wanted to tell at Crown Jewel was that Strowman was not the same after Baron Corbin hit him in the back of the head with the Universal title. It was decided that they didn't want to give Strowman any offense but it was an odd way to book him and it came across as a squash match to a lot of people because the announcers never got the message across to the fans watching at home that Strowman was squashed because he never recovered from Corbin's belt shot.

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For whatever it's worth, Lesnar still hasn't signed his UFC fight contract and he is getting paid a ton of money for short-term WWE contracts. Lesnar will arrive in the United States in a few hours. There's no word on if he will show up at UFC 230 in New York to confront the winner of Daniel Cormier vs. Derrick Lewis.

Strowman might be dealing with knee issues because he was moving slower than usual as he made his way to the ring. It's been noticeable for at least the last couple of weeks. He is still scheduled for the European tour so it doesn't look like he will be taking time off anytime soon.