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Update on Brock Lesnar's cut during his match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania

A couple of readers asked about Brock Lesnar's cut during the match with Roman Reigns last night. I can't remember the last time a wrestler in WWE bled so much in a match and WWE has a "no blood" policy so the wrestlers are not supposed to cut themselves in the match. It's has been a Vince McMahon policy that was enforced in the early 90s and then dropped during the Attitude era. In recent years Vince decided to stop the blood in matches largely because they want to market WWE as a PG product. Batista did blade himself (without telling management) in 2008 in a steel cage match with Chris Jericho but was fined $100,o00 by Vince McMahon so there is no way Brock or Roman Reigns are going to try and sneak in a blade job without approval from management.

Anyway, the blood in last night's match was planned and Brock was not cut hardway as some may have thought. The referee kept the blade on him until it was time to do the spot.

The match was scheduled to go longer but the show was running long so some of it was cut short. They went all the way up to 11pm. That wouldn't be an issue with the WWE Network but they had to get the show wrapped up by around 11pm because they are still carried by some pay-per-view providers. There was a really cool video package that aired on WrestleMania Today and on the pre-show and I think it was supposed to air before The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt match but never aired. That was probably one of the things cut out of the show.

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