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Update on Brock Lesnar's WWE dates, Paul Heyman returning to WWE TV

The video game reviews online for WWE 2K15 have been critical of the game but Dave Meltzer reported this week that it should still be a good year for the game business-wise since it's on all four consoles.

Here is the schedule with updated dates for Brock Lesnar appearances on Raw:

12/8 - Greenville, SC (Slammy Awards show)
12/29 - Washington, DC
1/12 - New Orleans
1/25 - Philadelphia (Royal Rumble)
1/26 - Hartford (post-Royal Rumble Raw)

He's not listed on the final Raw before the Royal Rumble but I wouldn't be surprised if they added him at some point. He is not currently scheduled for the WWE Fast Lane pay-per-view in February in Memphis.

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The Wrestling Observer reports that there were plans for Paul Heyman to return in Tulsa to build for Lesnar's return the following week.