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Update on Candice LeRae's WWE contract status



Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE NXT star Candice LeRae's contract is not due to expire until May 2022 but the belief is that WWE will add time to her expiration date to make up for the time she took off for her pregnancy.

WWE typically will freeze a contract and add time to the deal when wrestlers take an extended amount of time off. If this happens with LeRae then she would not become a free agent until the end of 2022. This also means that she would not be able to go elsewhere with her husband right away.

As previously noted, Gargano signed a one-week extension so he could finish up at the NXT WarGames show on 12/10. Nothing is a lock with him and he is said to be considering his options. Meltzer noted that Gargano is still in talks with WWE about potentially signing a new deal.

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For what it's worth, Gargano recently removed NXT references from his social media accounts. He has a lot of friends in WWE and Shawn Michaels is very high on him but he also has a ton of friends in AEW.