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Update on Cody Rhodes-WWE talks

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

As of today, Cody Rhodes is still a free agent and there is still no word on where/when he might pop up.

In a post on the F4W Board, Dave Meltzer confirmed that negotiations have hit a snag and there are multiple offers on the table for him. Meltzer did not say what those multiple offers are and he did not say if a return to AEW was still a possibility but there aren't many companies willing to offer the kind of money that AEW and WWE can offer.

Meltzer said the following on the F4W Board: "Negotiations hit a snag. He has multiple offers. He has to make a decision. WWE wants the decision made soon for obvious reasons. The ball is in his court."

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At one point, creative was told to come up for something for Cody at WrestleMania but those plans were put on hold last week and creative was told that things were up in the air with him. If Cody signs with WWE, there is one major star on the Raw roster without a Mania opponent so, in theory, Cody vs. Seth Rollins is a possibility for WrestleMania.