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Update on how Randy Orton got injured, surgery may be required



As noted on Tuesday (via Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer radio), Randy Orton is out of action with a dislocated shoulder. He had been wrestling with a bad shoulder and he has a history of shoulder problems. For those that don't remember, Orton used to do the deal where he used to hit the mat real hard with his fists while setting up for the RKO. He had to modify that after he injured his shoulder. He's had other issues besides that but that is one injury that took place during a TV match.

Dave Meltzer provided an update in the recent Wrestling Observer newsletter. As it turns out, Orton was taking out the garbage to the curb this past week and the shoulder dislocated and that caused him to be in tremendous pain. It took three hours to pop it back into place.

Orton is set to have an MRI done to find out the extent of the damage. He may end up requiring surgery. His prognosis is yet to be determined if he gets surgery.

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Orton suffered shoulder injuries in 2005 in a match with The Undertaker, 2010 in a match with Jack Swagger, 2012 in a match with Stevie Richards, 2013 while he was feuding with The Shield, and the dislocated shoulder from this past week. Orton has said in the past that he was born with hypermobile shoulders so he had to get a procedure done many years ago to get them tightened up.