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Update on Jeff Hardy’s injury

Last week we wrote about Jeff Hardy’s nerve injury. That was first reported by Pro Wrestling Torch (via Johnny Fairplay). Dave Meltzer reported this week that Hardy also has a leg injury. That would explain why he has been limping during his matches at the live events and would also explain why they have been protecting him by putting him in short multi-man matches. As noted earlier this week, Hardy has not been doing the Swanton Bomb at some of the recent shows.

The leg injury happened during his ring entrance on 5/17 during a dark match after the Smackdown/205 Live tapings.

Meltzer also noted that the nerve injury has caused numbness in his fingers. That sounds a lot like what Jason Jordan was dealing with before it was decided that he would need to be pulled off the road so he could get surgery.

At this point, we don’t know the severity of the leg and nerve issues but it would not surprise me if he dropped the United States Championship soon so he could take time off.

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