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Update on John Cena’s status for WWE Raw Reunion

A couple of days ago, John Cena was interviewed by local entertainment news show Deco Drive in Miami and he was asked about appearing on Raw Reunion in Tampa.

Cena lives in the area and he did not deny that he would be on the show. In fact, he kind of hinted that he might be on the show but never confirmed anything either way.

However, it looks like Cena’s scheduled will prevent him from appearing because, as noted on Wrestling Observer Radio by Dave Meltzer, Cena is not booked for Monday Night Raw so don’t expect to see him tomorrow night. The other major name not expected on the show is The Rock.

As previously noted, Jim Ross, Bully Ray and Bret Hart turned down invitations to appear on the show. In the case of JR, he would have been able to make it because Tony Khan was fine with it. JR says that he politely turned down Vince McMahon’s invitation. Bully Ray works for ROH and Hart doesn’t do many appearances because he is having a hard time moving around these days.

Click here for a full list of names advertised to appear at Raw Reunion.

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