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Update on Jordan Myles-WWE NXT



Aside from the statement sent out on Friday, we've heard nothing else from WWE on the Jordan Myles tweets about the t-shirt that was pulled from

Myles has deleted the video where he accuses WWE of not caring about black people and he has deleted his tweet about ROH's Jay Lethal. However, as you can see below, Myles is still standing by everything he has said and that includes his words about Lethal.

Here is his latest tweet:

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In response to a Twitter user asking what his "end game" is, Myles responded, "Better representation and to be heard."

For what it's worth, PWInsider is reporting that Myles has not been at the Performance Center in recent weeks so it's possible that there have been issues between Myles and WWE for quite some time.

The last time he was featured on an NXT live event was over a month ago, specifically the live event in Melbourne, Florida on September 21.