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Update on match being stopped after WWE star was busted open during Raw tapings



News was first broken by Fightful Select on Tuesday that Kairi Sane was busted open in a match with Nia Jax during the tapings for next week’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

The match was stopped in order for Sane to be cleaned up by ringside doctors and they finished the match. At the time, there was nothing to indicate that she has an injury that will keep her out of action. However, it was noted that she suffered a significant cut.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided an update on the situation. Meltzer talked to various people who were at the tapings with some who saw it and some who didn’t but heard about it.

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Meltzer stated that those who he’s spoken with aren’t blaming Jax for the injury despite her history of botching spots. The injury happened when Sane got whipped into the ring steps.

One person told Meltzer that she may have stumbled while going into the steps as she was trying to hit the steps with her side, which she did. In the process, she hit her head on the steps. Another person told Meltzer that Sane was in control of the bump and made it look too good.

While Sane did try to avoid her head, she hit the steps anyways, which caused the cut and resulted in her being knocked silly. Meltzer stated that he was told that Sane was okay after the match but that doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t have a concussion because he doesn’t know yet.

One person thought that she was knocked out. Meltzer added that Sane didn’t ask for time off after the match.

It will be interesting to see whether WWE keeps the spot in the broadcast of the match or edits it out.