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Update on Paige ahead of tonight's WWE Monday Night Raw



Paige was spotted arriving backstage in San Antonio for tonight's Monday Night Raw. We don't know if she will appear on the show but I wouldn't rule out a managerial role for her.

For those of you that asked, it's not out of the question for her to wrestle again on the independent scene. She is in the same situation as Daniel Bryan. Basically, WWE will not clear her to compete but she could still wrestle once her contract expires or if WWE grants her a release.

Paige had previously said on Lilian Garcia's podcast, that her surgeon had advised her against wrestling again. She was told this over a year ago when she got her neck surgery so the injury that occurred last month could have happened at any time and I would not point the blame on Sasha Banks. She had actually done the same spot before at live events.

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The doctor that performed her neck surgery is the same doctor that worked on Tyson Kidd's neck.

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