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Update on Paige following the incident from Sunday night



There was an odd story making it's way around social media on Monday evening prior to Raw. There were photos going around showing Paige in handcuffs and being escorted into an ambulance in Las Vegas after Sunday night's Money In The Bank pay-per-view. We were told by someone familiar with the situation that she was not arrested. We were not able to get details on what exactly happened but we held off on the story because we figured that there was a chance that this was all being done for an episode of Total Divas or Swerved. Someone that was there told us that there were no cameras present.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reports that local police were outside of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Sunday night when they were flagged down for a female who was seen running into the streets. Police caught up with the woman, who sources say was indeed Paige, and officers determined that she needed to be taken to the hospital for undisclosed reasons. Again, we were told that she was not arrested and she did not serve any time in jail.

Paige was released from the hospital and traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for RAW where she wrestled Charlotte for the Women’s Title.

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Sources with knowledge of the situation tell us that there were no charges filed and WWE is investigating the matter.