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Update on Ronda Rousey's contract with WWE



Ronda Rousey's name was a huge one that WWE certainly wanted and with good reason. She helped UFC reach new heights in regards to not only pay-per-view buys but mainstream interest. Although Rousey's last couple of fights didn't go her way she was still a huge draw and you can't really put a price on all of those daytime talk show appearances in regards to helping your brand.

Long story short is Ronda Rousey was a valuable commodity and WWE wanted her which is exactly what happened. It also didn't hurt that Rousey is a long-time WWE fan and wanted to come in.

Rousey surprised a lot of people when WWE flew her in from Columbia in the middle of shooting her upcoming movie "Mile 22." She stepped out in the closing moments of the Royal Rumble event and WWE announced shortly after that they had signed her to a multi-year WWE contract.

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Rowdy Ronda's first WWE storyline revolved around Stephanie McMahon saying they owned her now and Rousey fought The Authority alongside Kurt Angle to find great success and an incredible first match for the former UFC Bantamweight Champion at WrestleMania.

But Ric Flair made several people wonder what was really going on when he commented that he heard Rousey would only be around for a year because she wanted to start a family. While it is true that Rousey has stated she wants to start a family soon with husband Travis Browne, that doesn't mean her WWE contract is any shorter.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Ronda Rousey's WWE contract is, in fact, a multi-year deal. It was also mentioned how her name was crucial in securing those big-money television contracts WWE is going to be enjoying in 2019 as well because she adds such credibility to WWE's brand.

Although it's not impossible for Rousey to quit at any time because as CM Punk proved anyone can just leave WWE whenever they want to, her current deal is a long-term one.