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Update on Sasha Banks

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Update on Sasha Banks

There’s been a lot of speculation about Sasha Banks’ status because she hasn’t wrestled in several weeks. Dave Meltzer indicated last week that WWE was keeping things quiet with her for some reason. It could be that she is dealing with a medical issue. In many cases, they have kept concussions a secret and not reported them on their website.

The only thing we know is that, as of now, Banks is scheduled for live events in November. She is listed for several events in November and the South American tour in early December. She is also advertised for the European tour taking place in a couple of weeks.

As you can see below, Banks has also been doing appearances, including a signing at New York Comic Con over the weekend.

It could simply be that they don’t have anything for her to do, similar to other stars that have sat on the sidelines this year for weeks at a time.

We’ll pass along more updates when we get them.

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